Melissa Berrigan Real Estate Agent

  • Markets Served:
  • Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland

Saving Grasshoppers and Going the Extra Mile

Melissa started her career in real estate working with Donna Cunliffe in 2001 and joined the Anna Jorgensen Team in 2005 where she worked as a team Selling Partner until 2012 when Anna hung up her real estate license. Melissa remains the front line REALTOR® as the Comox Real Estate Team serving both the needs of buyers and sellers near and far.

Melissa may seem all business on the surface but underneath the professional, point form exterior is a heart of gold and yes, I’m just going to say it – a need to please! (Translation: she’ll run herself ragged for your highest approval!).

When Melissa isn’t rescuing stray dogs, cats, and bugs she’s running around rescuing clients. That may be an exaggeration but she has saved out of town seller clients from the inconveniences of home renovations from afar, making sure empty properties' lights and heat are turned on (and off) for showings; and for buyers, she makes sure to find the right home in the right neighbourhood – even going so far as to seek out meetings with team coaches about those particular client’s children’s sports interests…There was this one time (at football camp) she sought out the individual who deals with football in the Comox Valley to meet about the programs offered in the Valley and what the various high schools offer. (She had military clients whose son was interested in a career and she wanted to be able to tell them which areas were best to buy in.)

Selling your Comox Valley home…

Melissa has overseen the full renovations of a duplex (destroyed by tenants – careful if you’re thinking of investments; be ready for the unforeseen) for clients who were out of town for the winter.

She’s gotten out of bed at midnight to drive to a clients house who were away to turn off the pot lights in the kitchen that they’d forgotten to turn off. (I’ll bet in her PJ’s.)

She’s driven three hours to pick up a deposit cheque that needed to be submitted right away; taken half a day at a seller’s home rearranging the entire home from tip to tail to get it ready for sale (saving the cost of a home stager they couldn't afford); given fire victims (tenants of our listing) some of her furniture when they lost everything; collected mail, aired out, and opened and closed blinds everyday for other holidaying sellers; the list goes on – but you get my point. Her boys are used to Mom’s mini road trips to various Comox Valley neighbourhoods sporting team signs.

Buying a home in the Comox Valley…

Melissa is extremely thorough and detail oriented and will leave no stone unturned to find a buyer the right home in the Comox Valley. She is deeply committed to providing the best service possible and is often found in the office late at night making sure that last T is crossed to ensure smooth sailing.

Melissa is a great fit for buyers and sellers relocating to and from the Comox Valley with her IRP knowledge. With many military listings and sales to back up the statement, this dynamic REALTOR® has a unique perspective – her husband, Ken (Sergeant Berrigan), has served with the military for 18 years and 12 of which have been at CFB 19 Wing Comox. She has a strong understanding and compassion of the military lifestyle and appropriately handles the needs and stresses of our CFB Comox Military clients, as well as working with the Managing Directors for the relocation. She appreciates the time sensitive nature when buying or selling for military transfers and will get the job done even if you can’t be here for the entire purchase or sale process. This girl is good!

Having two young boys, Nathan and Jeremy, Melissa has strong family values and will coordinate around your family’s hectic schedule. If you are house hunting in the Comox Valley feel free to bring the kids along! Of course, be prepared as she may stop her car wherever and whenever to save a grasshopper from drowning.

Background… aka… She’s been at it awhile, she knows what she’s doing…

Having started her career in 2001 with Brent and Donna Cunliffe and then with the merger of the Anna Jorgensen / Donna Cunliffe real estate team, Melissa learned under the wings of two of the Top REALTORS® in the business and now soars in her own acclaim – though she will shun recognition with grace and poise.

Whether you are looking for a home, townhouse, duplex, condo, patio home, oceanfront, building lot or house on acreage, this lady has energy! No matter where in Courtenay, Comox or the entire Comox Valley you are looking to make your next move this Courtenay/Comox REALTOR® is here for you!



1959 Cliffe Ave$589,900 Building and LandCOURTENAY, British Columbia

Royal LePage-Comox Valley (CV)
Listing ID: 449075

301 1201 Henry Road$272,500 ApartmentCOURTENAY, British Columbia

1145 Sq Ft | 3 | 2

Royal LePage-Comox Valley (CV)
Listing ID: 449045

2084 Saratoga Road$2,500,000 Business w/Bldg & LandBLACK CREEK, British Columbia

Royal LePage-Comox Valley (CV)
Listing ID: 449032

1850 Cliffe Ave$1,700,000 Land OnlyCOURTENAY, British Columbia

Royal LePage-Comox Valley (CV)
Listing ID: 449030

498 Old Island Hwy$1,700,000 Land OnlyCOURTENAY, British Columbia

Royal LePage-Comox Valley (CV)
Listing ID: 449029

414 1280 Alpine Road$314,900 ApartmentCOURTENAY, British Columbia

900 Sq Ft | 2 | 3

Royal LePage-Comox Valley (CV)
Listing ID: 449046